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A Palm OS application for string instruments by Steven Cahill - Contact me at email

high resolution Sony 615C

Inserting a new chord on a Palm V

ChordPad is a musician's tool for discovering and storing chords. A neck for guitar, mandolin, 4-string banjo, or 5-string banjo allows the user to "fret" the chord of interest by simply clicking on the neck. The program then determines the chord and three possible names for the chord that can be chosen. Some features include custom instrument tunings, fingering assignment, multiple capos, and 14 custom categories by which the chords can be grouped.

While one aspect of ChordPad is to explore different chords and tunings, another is to store chords. You can create unlimited databases that can be grouped into logical units such as songs, common jazz progressions, or reference fingering charts.

Download the ChordPad Viewer for Windows now. The ChordPad viewer will now read the default backup files on your PC and create an HTML file for each chord database. For each chord, a JPEG and/or PNG image is generated and then linked together in a dynamically created HTML file. At that point the user can print the databases in any browser, publish to the web, or further edit the pages using any web page editor to add words or other pictures as needed.


The viewer is available for Windows (so you can share your chords with your palmless friends on this stuff called paper).

If you know about or found this page, try the program (it will work for 90 days with nag screen start up). If you like it then email your HotSync name & I'll send you a registration code for free. (Your HotSync name is in the upper right hand corner when you open HotSync on your Palm.)

Steve Cahill

ChordPad PalmOS Application
Version Date Size Notes
ChordPad 1.02b 11/2/00    
ChordPad.PRC 1.03b 11/20/00   Fixed major capo problems, any 1.02 databases with capos will not be correct.
ChordPad 1.05b

5/6/01   Fixed intermittent locked handle error, added beam Database & app.
ChordPad 1.06b
1/19/02   Fixed bug with OS somewhere above 3.5.
ChordPad 1.1a3 10/03 63k High resolution alpha version. Insert mode allows a new chord to be inserted at the selection point and set the category other than the current.
ChordPad 1.1 w/databases 10/03 40k zipped ChordPad 1.1a3 with the databases below for easy reference.

ChordPad w/databases
(click above to download)

(click here for just the palm application prc without databases)

7/07 40k no registration required! (with the databases below for easy reference).

Hey, how about about some ChordPad documentation (work in progress).

ChordPad Viewer
(click above to download)

The windows installer for the Windows ChordPad viewer application.
Sorry, but the installer uses the Microsoft Windows Installer Engine
Please let me know how you make out...this is a fresh release!

This is what created the HTML and images when you click on view in the database table below.

ChordPad Databases
Database Name
Generated HTML
(for viewing)
Size Raw Db
(for download)
These databases are a handy reference as well as an examnple of how chords are saved.
Guitar std
4k Guitar_std.PDB 1st test database - needs work
Guitar Jazz
2k Guitar_Jazz.PDB a couple jazz guitar chords
Basic Mandolin
5k Basic_Mandolin.PDB because I needed them handy
14k Banjo5_DB-Open_G_Tuning.PDB thanks to my banjo picking wife Maria

If you're saying to yourself, "What the hell do I do with the prc & pdb files I just downloaded" then click here on how to install them to your palm.

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